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TransAction Projects Impacting Loudoun County
Loudoun County has 95 projects in TransAction:

  • 80 Highway/Roadway projects, including a new crossing of the Potomac River (Route 28 Bridge)
  • 15 Transit projects, including Bicycle and Pedestrian, Transportation Demand Management (TDM) and Intelligent Transportation System type solutions

Highway/Roadway Projects

TA ID Project Name Project Description
 18  Dulles Toll Rd - Town Center Pkwy Underpass Construct 4-lane divided roadway under the Dulles Toll Rd from Sunrise Valley Dr to Sunset Hills Rd

 20 Davis Dr Extension & Dulles Toll Rd -
Rock Hill Overpass
Extend Davis Dr (VA 868) from Glenn Dr (VA 864) to Fairfax County line at the future bridge over VA Route 267. Realign Rock Hill Rd. with Davis Dr. Construct a 4-lane roadway over the Dulles Toll Rd from Sunrise Valley Dr on the south, to Davis Dr extension in Loudoun County on the north side.  The project would include pedestrian and bicycle facilities.

 24  Outer Potomac River Crossing Construct crossing of Potomac River between Route 28 in Virginia to I-270 in Maryland

 27  VA 28 Widening I-66 to Loudoun Widen VA 28 to 10 lanes between I-66 and Loudoun County (8 GP + 2 HOV)

 93  Interchange at US 15 and Battlefield Pkwy Construct grade-separated interchange at US 15 (Leesburg Bypass) and Battlefield Pkwy

 119  Construct Northstar Blvd. from Shreveport Dr to US 50 Construct 4-lane Northstar Blvd facility from Shreveport Dr. to US 50

 120  Waxpool Rd/Loudoun County Pkwy
Intersection improvements
Improve intersection at Waxpool Rd/Loudoun County Pkwy to include three westbound left-turn lanes on Waxpool Rd and a new free-flow right turn lane on Loudoun County Pkwy.

 121  Westwind Drive Extension Construct Westwind Dr/Ladbrook Dr (VA 645) to be 4 lanes across Broad run between Loudoun County Pkwy (VA 607) and Old Ox Rd (VA 606). Construct a new grade-separated interchange at Old Ox Rd (VA 606).

 128  Widen Route 15, Harmony Church Rd to Mason Ln Widen Route 15 to four lanes from harmony Church Rd to Mason Ln

 129  VA 7 Widening Battefield Pkwy to Leesburg ECL Widen VA 7 from 6-8 lanes between Battlefield Pkwy and Leesburg ECL

 130   Route 15 Bypass/Edwards Ferry Road Interchange Construct a grade-separated interchange at the Route 15 Leesburg Bypass and Edwards Ferry Road in Leesburg. Includes grade separated interchange at Fort Evans Rd intersection

 143  Ryan Rd widening from VA 659 to VA 621 Widen Ryan Rd (VA 772) from 2-4 lanes from Northstar Blvd (VA659) to Evergreen Mills Rd (VA 621)
144  Lockridge Rd Widening Widen Lockridge Rd (VA 789) to 4 lanes from Old Ox Rd (VA 606) to Prentice Dr (VA 1071). Provides access for VA 606 Metrorail Stations. Extend Lockridge Rd (VA 789) from Prentice Dr (VA 10710 TO Waxpool Rd (VA 640) - construct 4 lanes.

145  Sterling Blvd Widening Widen Sterling Blvd (VA 846) from Sully Rd (VA 20) to Davis Drive (VA 868) from 4 to 6 lanes.
146  Sterling Blvd Extension Extend Sterling Blvd (VA 846) from Randolph Dr (VA 1072) to Pacific Blvd (VA 1036) construct 4 lanes
147  Pacific Blvd Extension  
148  Russell Branch Pkwy Widening  
149  Prentice Dr. Extension  
150  Prentice Dr. Extension to Greenway Transit  
151   Smith Switch Road Widening  
152  Gloucester Pkwy Widening  
153  Riverside Pkwy Widening/Completion  
154  Widen VA 28, Fairfax County Line to VA 606  
155  Construct Airport Area Connector
156  Construct Arcola Blvd  
157  Widen/Extend Battlefield Pkwy  
158  Widen VA 28, VA 7 to Old Ox Rd  
159  Widen Dulles West Blvd from VA 606 to VA 659  
160  Extend Dulles West Blvd  
161  Construct Greenway Loop Rd (Barrister St)  
162  Widen VA 7, Leesburg Bypass to Atlantic Blvd   
163  Construct Moorefield Blvd.   
164  Construct Purcellville VA 7 North Collector Road  
165  Widen US 50, Northstar Blvd to Lenah Loop Rd.  
166  Widen Innovation Avenue  
167  Widen VA 7, W Market Street to Charlestown Pike  
168  Widen Loudoun County Pkwy, Old Ox Rd to US 50  
169   Widen Loudoun County Pkwy, US 50 to Braddock Rd  
171  Widen Old Ox Rd to Fairfax County Line  
172  Widen VA 7 Bypass (Purcellville)  
173  Widen Old Ox Rd, VA 28 to Dulles Greenway  
174  Widen Loudoun County Pkwy, GW Blvd to Waxpool Rd  
175  Widen Loudoun County Pkwy, Waxpool Rd to VA 267  
176  Widen Loudoun county Pkwy, VA 267 to Old Ox Rd  
177  Widen Braddock Rd, Northstar Blvd to Fairfax County Line  
178  Widen Evergreen Mills Rd, VA 606 to VA 659  
179  Widen Evergreen Mills Rd from VA 621
Relocated to Battlefield Pkwy
180  Widen Evergreen Mills Rd from Battlefield Pkwy
 to US 15 (S King St)
181  Widen VA 625 (Waxpool Rd/Farmwell Rd)  
182  Widen Sycolin Rd  
183  Extend Shellhorn Rd  
184  Crosstrail Blvd (VA 653) (limits VA7 to VA 267)  
185  Widen Belmont Ridge Rd from VA 2401 to VA 7  
186  Widen Belmont Ridge Rd from VA 645 to VA 659  
187  Widen Northstar Blvd from Belmont Ridge Rd to
Braddock Rd
188  Widen Relocation Drive  
189  Construct interchange Loudoun County
Pkwy at Arcola
190  Widen US 15  
191  Improve interchange VA 28 at Old Ox Rd  
192  Construct interchange VA 7 at Battlefield Pkwy  
212  Widen Dulles Airport Access Road  
 226  Construct VA 234 Bypass North, I-66 to US 50  
233  Construct Va 606 ramp  
234  Construct eastern segment of Russell Branch Parkway  
286  Route 15 Congestion Mitigation Improvements  
302  Leesburg Bypass  
303  Leesburg Bypass  
304  VA 7 "hot spot" and safety improvements  
305  VA 7 "hot spot" and safety improvements
306  VA 9 "hot spot" and safety improvements  
307  US 15 "hot spot" and safety improvements  
308  VA 287 "hot spot" and safety improvements  
309  Extend Russell Branch Pkwy (Leesburg)  
310  US 50 Widening/Interchanges  
311  Widen Belmont Ridge Road  
314  US 50 Improvements  
323  VA Route 9 Traffic Calming  
345  Route 7 Reversible Lanes  
346  Dulles Greenway Merge Lanes  
357  Braddock Rd Widening, VA-28 to County Line  

Transit Projects    

TransAction ID Project Name Project Description
 10   East Loudoun Park and Ride Construct new park and ride ots at VA 7 at Dulles town Center and VA7 at VA 659
 11  Western Loudoun "Gateway" Park and Ride Construct three new park-and-ride lots in Western Loudoun (Hillsboro, Round Hill and Lucketts)
 14 Transit Connections to silver line phase II Stations  
 16 Leesburg North park and Ride  
 17 One Loudoun Park and Ride  
 108 Metrorail Real time parking Info  
109  Loudoun County Phase II Bus Service  
 131 US 50 Dulles Park and Ride Lot  
 289 Loudoun Metrorail Station Pedestrian Improvements  
 313 Transit buses purchase  
 341 Northern Virginia TDM Strategies  
 18 Dulles Toll Road - Town Center Pkwy Underpass  
 61 East-West ICM Program: Parallel Arterial Operations Improvements  
 62  Connected Vehicle Traffic Signal Integration Deployment  
340   Northern Virginia ITS/ICM Improvements  
 33  VA 28 Trail - Bike/Ped  
 VA 7 "hot spot" and safety improvements

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