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Business Recycling
Loudoun County Business Recycling Requirements
Businesses located in Loudoun County are required to recycle per Loudoun County Ordinance Chapter 1086.  These establishments, and the large number of people they employ have a major impact on the amount of trash and recyclables generated in the county. 

Business Recycling Resources
The Loudoun County Department of General Services Waste Management Division is available to assist your business with implementing a successful recycling program.  If your business currently receives garbage collection service, your service provider should be able, and in most cases is required, to provide recycling service.  Adding recycling service will reduce the capacity needed for regular trash and may provide an opportunity for a price reduction in your trash bill to offset the cost for establishing the recycling collection service.  The following links are provided to guide you in developing a business recycling program:

More Information
For additional information or technical assistance in implementing your business-recycling program, please call 703-771-5500.

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