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Short-Term Residential Rentals
As the popularity of online platforms and apps offering spaces for short-term rent in residential properties continues to grow, Loudoun County is researching four topic areas associated with short-term residential rentals: registration, taxation, zoning, and public safety. The purpose of the initiative is to inform future ordinances and ordinance amendments within the purview of the Board of Supervisors.

Phase 1 of the work plan focuses on registration and taxation issues and is expected to continue through early 2018.

Phase 2 of the work plan focuses on zoning and public safety. The second phase is anticipated to occur between January 2018 through the August 2018. 

Short-Term Residential Rentals Item Scheduled for April 14, 2018, Board of Supervisors Public Hearing
A proposal to establish a new chapter of the codified ordinances of Loudoun County to requireshort-term rental registration is scheduled to be considered at the Board of Supervisors' April 11, 2018, public hearing. The item prepared for the meeting is online:

Short-Term Residential Rentals Item Presented at February 22, 2018, Board of Supervisors Meeting

The Board of Supervisors reviewed a report at its February 22, 2018, business meeting that includes 
recommendations for establishing a short-term residential rental registry and registration process. Findings and recommendations based on review and evaluation of the three applicable locally administered taxes were presented. The item prepared for the meeting is online:

Public Input

The work plan’s public outreach efforts will include providing information about a proposed registry of short-term residential rentals and tax requirements, as well as gathering information from interested parties and residents. One method of gathering information was through a brief, online survey, which was online from December 4, 2017, through February 2, 2018. Thanks to all who completed the survey. 
In 2017, the General Assembly passed SB 1578 and added a new section, 15.2-983, to the Code of Virginia, which authorizes localities to adopt an ordinance to establish a short-term residential rental registry requiring the registration of operators offering short-term rentals of spaces in residential properties within the locality.

Loudoun County established a Short-Term Residential Rental workgroup, which includes Visit Loudoun and representatives from the affected industry, to evaluate what is best for the community regarding short-term residential rentals. Loudoun County is also participating in a regional workgroup that includes many northern Virginia localities. 

On October 19, 2017, the Board of Supervisors approved the recommended work plan for short-term residential rentals included in the item prepared for the meeting

For more information about the short-term residential rentals initiative, contact David L. Street in the Office of the County Administrator at 703-777-0200 or by email.

Current Considerations Regarding Short-Term Rentals

Anyone who currently operates, or is considering operating, a short term residential rental in Loudoun County should consider the following: 
  • Contact Zoning Administration if you have questions about using your property for a short-term residential rental based on the Zoning Ordinance. They will also determine if you will need a Zoning Permit. You can contact zoning administration by submitting a request online, or by calling 703-777-0246.
  • Contact the Health Department to determine what is required for a short-term residential rental. You can contact the department by email or by phone at 703-777-0234.
  • If you live in a homeowners or condo association, contact your association to verify their regulations regarding short-term rentals. 
  • If you live in an incorporated town, contact the town for information regarding their regulations. 

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