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Donations to Animal Program Trust Fund

Donate Cash & Supplies
The Animal Program Trust Fund can accept monetary donations of cash or checks, matching grants, stocks or bonds. Please make checks payable to County of Loudoun with Animal Program Trust fund noted in the memo.

Please mail monetary donations to:
Loudoun County Animal Services
39820 Charles Town Pike
Waterford, VA 20197

This fund is used to purchase things that directly benefit the animals that are not provided for in the government operating budget. Examples include skylights for the kennel and cat housing areas to make the animals more comfortable and therefore more adoptable. Donations to the trust fund are considered non-profit under Section 170(c) of the Internal Revenue Code since we are a local government agency. This is a status nearly identical to that described by Section 501.c.3 of the Code.

Please note that donations are greatly appreciated, however, Loudoun County Animal Services (LCAS) does not have the capacity to pick up donations at this time. Donations are gratefully accepted at the shelter during our public hours. Please visit our hours page for more  information. 

We currently are unable to accept towels, blankets or other linens. 

Food & Treats
LCAS cannot use opened or expired bags or containers of food or treats. These items can be donated to wildlife rehabilitation centers. For more information, please visit the Blue Ridge Wildlife Center website.

We can accept:

  • Milk replacement for orphan kittens
  • Soft, smelly dog treats (dogs love these the best!)
  • Cat treats
  • Peanut butter (for stuffing dog puzzle toys)
  • Unopened, unexpired food for cats and dogs (canned and dry)
  • Prescription diets such low residue, bland diet or urinary diet
  • Pig ears
  • Rawhide chews
  • Small animal food and treats (rabbit, bird, guinea pig, hamster, etc.)
  • Chicken or beef broth
  • Canned cat food (all unexpired, unopened brands accepted)

Animal Care & Behavioral Enrichment
If you are looking for items to donate in the animal care and enrichment category, please find some ideas below. We kindly request that store bought items be new or gently used.

  • Cat toys (especially toy mice and mylar crinkle balls)!
  • Puzzle toys for cats and dogs
  • Laser pointer cat toys
  • Chew bones
  • Heavy duty rubber chew items (e.g. Kongs, etc.)
  • Cat collars (breakaway type)
  • Dog collars, harnesses and leashes of all sizes
  • Non-clumping cat litter
  • Catnip
  • Cat pheromone spray (e.g. Feliway, etc.)<%2

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