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Loudoun County Animal Services Volunteer Opportunities
Thank you for your interest in our Volunteer Program. We rely on the generosity of our volunteers to help us to provide outstanding care to all pets housed at Loudoun County Animal Services. LCAS offers three ways to volunteer for interested individuals who want to gain experience working with shelter pets, learn more about animal welfare issues, and/or work with others to improve the lives of pets in our community.
Ongoing Volunteer Opportunities

LCAS staff and shelter pets depend on the help and support from an entire team of volunteers! Becoming a part of the team is a big commitment and might not be right for everyone. Volunteers for this program must be at least 16 years old. They will go through an average of 6 hours of training before beginning their service. Volunteers make a huge difference in the lives of the shelter animals and must commit to volunteering for a 2 hour shift at least once a week for a period of 6 months.

We understand that you may want to help shelter pets but are unable to make a weekly commitment or do not want to wait for the next orientation cycle. As alternatives, please consider at home service projects or our foster program. If neither of these seem right for you, there are many other animal related volunteer opportunities in the area.  Check out the links below to start your search.

Ongoing Volunteer Program FAQs
Thank you for your interest in volunteering for Loudoun County Animal Services! 

How often do I have to come to the shelter to volunteer?
Becoming a trained volunteer with our ongoing volunteer program is a big time commitment for our volunteers and for our staff. The animal shelter is an exciting and ever-changing place! In order for our volunteers to keep their skills current and to stay updated on any changes, we need all volunteers to commit to a weekly 2 hour shift. We also ask our volunteers to stay with the program for at least 6 months.

What if my schedule varies and I can’t come in every week?
In order to interact directly with the animals at the shelter, volunteers must meet the 2 hour per week volunteer requirement for a period of 6 months. If this won’t work with your schedule, don’t worry! There are lots of other ways to help the animals and the shelter such as at home service projects, the foster program, or the Loudoun Pet Pantry. If none of these seem right for you, there are many other animal welfare organizations in the area. A great place to start finding other animal related volunteer opportunities is Metro Pets online

What kinds of things will I do as a volunteer?
There is a lot to know about volunteering at the shelter and caring for shelter animals. All volunteers get trained on one area of interest and volunteer for at least 10 hours doing that volunteer role. After that, volunteers can be trained in as many areas of the shelter as they would like. Volunteer roles vary from direct animal handling, socialization, and care to helping with behind the scenes tasks and administrative work like writing animal profiles and taking photos for the website to filing and helping support the Loudoun Pet Pantry. What you do as a volunteer depends on your interests and available volunteer positions.

Ongoing Opportunities

The LCAS Ongoing Volunteer Program typically holds quarterly New Volunteer Orientation Classes in the winter, spring, summer, and fall. Applications for the program are also typically accepted on a quarterly basis. The volunteer application is posted when applications are being accepted. Although orientations are held quarterly, we cannot predict exact dates for orientation classes. Recruitment and training is all dependent upon the animal population and the needs of the shelter each quarter. 

As a new volunteer, you can share your time and talents to help our shelter animals.  Please keep in mind, available volunteer roles depend on the current animal population at the shelter and volunteer schedule openings. Not every volunteer role is available at each orientation cycle. Before applying to the volunteer program, it may be a good idea to check out our available animal page to learn more about the current shelter population. 

  • Must be at least 16 years old and some roles require volunteers to be 18 years old and up.For information for younger volunteers, please visit our Youth Volunteer Opportunities page.
  • Required time commitment of at least four volunteer shifts per month donating a minimum of 8 hours per month.
  • The shelter does not accept temporary volunteers seeking to satisfy a community service requirement. 
  • Not all individuals who apply are accepted into the volunteer program.

Application Process

The LCAS Ongoing Volunteer Program typically holds quarterly New Volunteer Orientation Classes in the winter, spring, summer, and fall. Find the link below for submitting an application. Once complete, you will be contacted via email once registration for the next orientation is open. Applications are kept on file for 6 months. If you are unable to attend a orientation in that timeframe, you will need to reapply to volunteer. Please remember, this program is only for volunteers 16 years old and up. Visit our Youth Volunteer Opportunities page for information for younger volunteers.

Step 1-
 Complete the Volunteer Program application.

Step 2- The volunteer coordinator will review your application and see if your skills and availability match current available volunteer roles and shifts. The shelter is open for volunteering during normal hours of operation. The greatest need for volunteers is on weekdays.

Step 3- The volunteer coordinator will contact you about your volunteer application and will let you know the date and time of the next New Volunteer Orientation class. Some applications may require more information or there may be no available shifts matching your interest and availability.  Not all individuals who apply are accepted into the volunteer program. 

Step 4- Attend all required training for your selected volunteer assignment.

Step 5- Start volunteering with Loudoun County Animal Services!

*Please note, not all individuals who apply are accepted into the volunteer program. At this time the ongoing volunteer program can not accommodate applicants in need of court ordered community service. 

For additional Volunteer Program information, please email the Volunteer Coordinator or call 703-771-5922. 

At-Home Projects to Help Animals!

We receive many requests from students and other individuals who need to fulfill a certain number of volunteer hours and/or community service projects for school, faith based organizations, or social clubs.  It is only with the support of generous community members like you that we are able to continue to meet the needs of the animals in our care, and we appreciate your interest in fulfilling your hours through Loudoun County Animal Services!

These at home service projects are flexible, can be started right away; can count toward service hour requirements, and work great for short-term and group projects. Volun­teers interested in using these projects toward service hour requirements can simply track their hours on the Tracking Sheet and contact the Volunteer Coor­di­nator at the conclusion of their project to arrange a time to sign-off on their hours.

To get started take a look at the list of project ideas and choose the one that you would like to complete.

  • There is no minimum age requirement for completing the at home service projects however, in order to earn community service hours each individual must be able to successfully complete each project independently.
  • Please contact the Volunteer Coordinator before beginning your project for further instructions and to make sure the Animal Shelter can accept the project you would like to complete at this time.

For additional Volunteer Program information, please call 703-771-5922 or email Volunteer Coordinator.

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