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Land Use Assessment Program
Land Use Renewals and New Applications Due November 1st

The Land Use Assessment Program provides for the deferral of real estate taxes on property that meets certain agricultural, horticultural, forestry or open space use criteria. Real Property owners who wish to apply for land use assessment for the first time must submit an application along with the required fee by the filing deadline. Applications are available online, in our office, or we'll be glad to mail you one.

Owners of real property currently enrolled in the land use assessment program must renew their land use status every 6th year by submitting a renewal packet including documentation corroborating the qualifying land use along with the required fee by the filing deadline.  Renewal packets were mailed the first week of September to those currently enrolled who are up for renewal.  If your parcel is up for renewal and you have not received your packet or misplaced it, you may obtain one here.

An additional deferral of taxes is available to current program participants if they sign and record an agreement to keep the property in its qualifying use for more than 5 but not exceeding 20 years.  The commitment must be filed with our office by November 1, 2016 and recorded in the Loudoun County Clerk of the Circuit Court's office by December 31, 2016.

First-time Land Use applications and Renewal applications must be submitted by Tuesday, November 1, 2016.  Applications submitted after the deadline - November 2, 2016 through December 5, 2016 are subject to a $300 per parcel late filing fee along with the standard filing fee of $125 plus $1 per acre.  No first-time applications or renewal applications will be accepted after the December 5th deadline.

Assistance is available either over the telephone or in our office.  In order to manage workloads and reduce waiting time for assistance, please call 703-737-8557 to schedule an appointment or to speak with a staff member.

Program Purpose

Loudoun County adopted the Land Use Assessment Program in 1973. The program provides for the deferral of real estate taxes on real estate that qualifies for agricultural, horticultural, forestry, and open space uses.

The purpose of the program is to further the public interest by encouraging the preservation of land, to conserve and protect the county’s natural resources, to protect safe water supplies, and to promote orderly land use planning and development.


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