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Please be advised that the following information pertains to the Circuit Court’s Civil Docket only. Information regarding the Circuit Court’s Criminal Docket can be found here.

Please carefully review the Circuit Court’s
Docket calendar when attempting to schedule a matter before the Circuit Court. The Circuit Court of Loudoun County requires that a praecipe be filed to place a matter on the appropriate docket. The praecipe must be prepared by the attorney or the litigant who is requesting time on the Circuit Court’s Docket. The deputy clerks in the Clerk’s Office and the Court staff for the Judges cannot assist litigants with the preparation of court pleadings. If any litigant requires legal assistance with the preparation of court pleadings, they should consider consulting an attorney for legal assistance. If a litigant cannot afford the services of an attorney, they may consider contacting one of the legal aid organizations to seek assistance and/or to determine if they qualify for discounted or free legal services. Information regarding pleadings and the appropriate rules and laws related to court pleadings may be available in the Loudoun County Law Library which is located adjacent to the Courts Complex on King Street.  More information related to legal aid and legal assistance can be found here

All praecipes must be filed with the Clerk of the Circuit Court at least 7 calendar days prior to the proposed date for the matter to be heard by the Circuit Court. Failure to timely file a praecipe will result in the matter not being placed on the requested docket.

new.gif***Certain motions pursuant to the requirements in Rule 4:15 require filings at least 14 days before the hearing or Motions Day Docket.

If a motion needs to be filed 14 days in advance per the rules of the Supreme Court of Virginia, the required praecipe placing a case on the Docket must also be filed at the same time; along with the brief or memorandum, required notice and motion. 

This requirement does not amend the 7 day praecipe filing rule for securing time on the Court's Docket for Civil Motions Day for all other matters or scheduling.***

When filing a praecipe, a motion should be filed with the praecipe so the Court will know what issue is to be considered and ruled upon. The untimely filing of pleadings may result in your matter being continued to another date. It is the responsibility of the party filing the praecipe and motion to deliver a copy to the appropriate parties as set forth and in accordance with the Rules of the Supreme Court of Virginia.  

For motions that can be heard in less than 20 minutes, you must submit a praecipe no less than one week in advance of the requested Motions Day (generally the 1st Friday of every month). Please note that matters heard on Motions Day are limited to 20 minutes per case, NOT per motion. Parties are expected to complete their case within the prescribed time limits. If a matter will take more than 20 minutes, file a praecipe for the weekly 9 a.m. Monday Scheduling Docket. Some Civil matters may be set for the Circuit Court Docket by using the new "scheduling by telephone" procedure if all parties are represented by an attorney. Information related to the telephone scheduling program available to attorneys only is available here.

Please note that there is a separate Ore Tenus praecipe (a hearing to establish grounds for divorce) that must be used for divorce cases. Generally, Ore Tenus hearings are set for 9:00 a.m. on the 1st Friday of the month. Prior to scheduling a matter for Ore Tenus it is suggested that all pleadings, including the Final Decree be submitted to the Circuit Court Clerk at least one week in advance. Filing the pleadings and submitting the Final Decree in this manner will allow the decree to be reviewed prior to the hearing. Failure to do so may result in the matter being removed from the docket or continued to another date until the pleadings can be reviewed and the Final Decree is suitable for entry.

The Circuit Court may revise the Docket process at any time and will post notice of any Docket changes in advance of the effective date of any changes to provide attorneys and litigants with sufficient notice.


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