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Land Conservation
Rural Policy Area Zoning
Adopted in December 2006, the zoning amendments support the development of the rural economy and a variety of residential development options including conventional subdivision, spin-off lots and rural clusters. The Rural Policy Area encompasses 227,904 acres, representing about 67 percent of Loudoun County's total land. The amendments offer several subdivision options to enable preservation of open space. A link to the Loudoun County Zoning Ordinance is online here.

Conservation Easements
Loudoun County has more than 65,000 acres of privately conserved land, representing almost 20% of the county. Rural land conservation is critical to preserving a sufficient supply of the land and water that is needed for farming. Protecting the integrity of the rural landscape also preserves essential historic resources, provides vital habitat for wildlife, and safeguards scenic views and recreation opportunities. More information about the Loudoun County Conservation Easement Stewardship Program is online here.

Revised General Plan
Adopted in 2001, the Loudoun County Revised Comprehensive Plan, which includes the General Plan and Countywide Transportation Plan, came after a year-and-a-half of extensive study and public input, including community meetings, public hearings, and public comment. The goals include preserving environmental and historical features.

The integrated "Green Infrastructure" strategy included in the Comprehensive Plan is based on three goals:
  • Conservation – Creating a stronger relationship between natural and built environments
  • Preservation – Retaining and protecting existing environmental, natural, and heritage resources
  • Restoration – Adding to the Green Infrastructure wherever possible

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