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Panda Stonewall Power Project
About the Facility 
  • The company describes the Panda Stonewall Power Project as a clean natural gas-fueled, 778 megawatt combined-cycle generating station. Once built, the plant is expected to supply the power needs of up to 778,000 homes.
  • The facility is being constructed about 4 miles south of Leesburg on 101 acres. Construction is expected to be complete in 2017. The property is uniquely suited for this use because two existing underground natural gas lines (Columbia and Dominion) and two existing overhead high-voltage electrical transmission towers cross the property. 
  • The facility will use a clean burning and environmentally sound and proven fuel source (natural gas) and would mitigate its impacts upon surrounding land uses and the environment, consistent with the Revised General Plan Energy policies.
  • More information about the project is available on the company’s website.

Road Closures Due to Transport of Heavy Loads new
  • The transport of heavy equipment into the area for the Stonewall Panda energy facility  that took place between November 2015 and March 25, 2016, has concluded.  

Haul Route 
Map of haul route
  1. Turn left onto University Blvd.T
  2. Turn left onto US-29 (Lee Hwy)
  3. Turn right onto Heathcote Blvd.
  4. Turn right onto US-15 (James Madison Hwy)
  5. Negotiate traffic circle at intersection of Howsers Branch Dr.
  6. Negotiate traffic circle at intersection of US-50
  7. Turn right onto Masons Lane SE
  8. Stay straight onto Battlefield Parkway
  9. Turn right onto Miller Drive SE
  10. Turn right onto Sycolin Road SE
  11. Turn left onto Energy Park Drive

During Construction
  • Panda Stonewall must comply with Loudoun County building regulations during the construction of the plant. 
  • Construction noise is not regulated during daytime hours. However, construction of the power plant that occurs between 11 p.m. and 6 a.m. will be limited to interior areas of the property to reduce the effect on neighboring properties. 
    • For concerns about noise, contact Zoning Administration at 703-777-0246 or by email.  
  • The construction process will be monitored to contain the impacts of erosion on the land that is being disturbed. The site will be monitored regularly by inspectors in the Department of Building and Development. 
    • For concerns about dust and construction mess, contact Building and Development at 703-777-0116 or by email.

Facility Safety Requirements
  • Will there be anything dangerous at the site? 
    • The production of electrical power at the plant does not involve the use of burning coal or nuclear reaction. The facility will produce energy through a combined cycle and single cycle natural gas turbine. 

  • Will there be anything bad in the air? 
    • The plant will produce a variety of emissions and will have continuous emissions testing. Emissions levels are subject to constraints set by the Board of Supervisors when approving the project, in addition to federal and state standards. If the plant exceeds these emissions, they are required to notify the Zoning Administrator and take immediate action to bring the emissions back into the permitted levels. 
    • The company will also be required to have systems to reduce the visibility of the plume that may result from plant emissions.

  • Will there be any waste products?
    • Yes. Solid waste resulting from the treatment of the water shall be disposed of offsite in an approved landfill. The plant will have a "zero discharge" water treatment system. Any water utilized in the operation of the steam generators and cooling towers will be treated, reused, recycled and not disposed of as surface runoff or into the storm water management system. 
    • In addition, the company will have a water monitoring station on the property to test storm water discharge. The requirements for this monitoring are set by the Virginia Department of Environmental Quality (“DEQ”).

Loudoun County Permitting
  • The Board of Supervisors approved a rezoning of the property from Residential to Industrial, as well as a special exception to allow Panda to develop this property. Throughout the rezoning and special exception processes, the Board of Supervisors considered a variety of impacts that this project would have on the community. Read more about the process and the conditions of approval here.
  • The county issued an air permit in April 2013.

Operation of the Plant
  • Noise testing will continue on a quarterly basis once the plant is operational.

Fact Sheet
  • A printable fact sheet is available here

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