Commuter Bus Recommended Service Changes

About Commuter Bus Service Changes

  • Each year, Loudoun County Transit reviews operating data and passenger feedback in order to identify routes for potential service and schedule changes.  
  • In years past, this effort focused on identifying underperforming and overcrowded routes. In 2019, the proposed changes are focused on improving the on-time performance of the various routes that travel through Washington, D.C.  
  • The primary method for achieving that goal was to examine routes that travel through the entire city.  
    • By splitting “All City” routes into either “DC East” or “DC West” routes, staff hopes to shorten the travel time for riders on the east side of the city and to improve the schedule reliability for riders on the west side of the city.  
    • One effect of this change will be a reduced number of buses serving either side of the city. However, the resulting reduction in travel times and improvements in on-time performance should offset the reduction.
  • The service changes are scheduled to go into effect in spring 2020.

Online Survey

  • Members of the public were encouraged to submit comments on the proposed route and schedule changes through an online survey.  All responses to the survey will be taken into consideration before a final decision is made on the routes and schedules.The survey was open through February 3, 2020.

Proposed Commuter Bus Changes Survey

Commuter bus changes survey map