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Current General Plan & Amendments
  • Loudoun County is developing a new Comprehensive PlanDetails...
Comprehensive Plan Amendments
In Process:
Bolen Park Stadium

March 6, 2018
At the March 6, 2018, Board of Supervisors business meeting, the Board initiated a Zoning Map Amendment (ZMAP-2018-0002) and Comprehensive Plan Amendment (CPAM-2018-0001) for Philip A. Bolen Memorial Park and the Leesburg Park and Ride Lot for the proposed DC United Sports Complex. A webcast of the meeting is available here. The staff report and copy teste (summary of Board's action) is posted below:

Current Revised General Plan 
The county's Comprehensive Plan consists of the Revised General Plan and Amendments, specific strategic plans and the Revised Countywide Transportation Plan. The goals of the Revised General Plan include promoting reasonable residential growth, alleviating future traffic congestion, promoting a diverse economy, protecting the rural economy, and preserving environmental and historical features. 

The Revised General Plan is a dynamic document and is revised and updated frequently.

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