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Loudoun County's Department of Transportation and Capital Infrastructure (DTCI) partners with community stakeholders to address traffic calming concerns in residential communities.  DTCI is soliciting feedback from members of your community.

Before you start, make sure you have the postcard mailer sent to you. Locate your community in the tab below. On that postcard, you will find an alpha-numeric code that you will use to complete your ballot. Please complete the entire ballot that relates to your community.

  1. No Active Communities

There are no active communities at this time.

The following rules will govern the voting and approval of any traffic calming plan:

  • Households in the ballot survey area as highlighted on the map are entitled to vote on the plan. 
  • Only one vote per household is allowable. 
  • A person who is a renter of a particular household may vote in lieu of the owner of a particular household, if such owner currently does not reside at the property address, and is approved by the Homeowners, Civic Association or District Supervisor's office. 
  • Properties that are vacant, bank-owned properties and properties in foreclosure may be considered as vacant and are not included in the balloting process. 
  • More than fifty percent (50%) affirmative response (YES) from the ballot survey area must be received to advance to the next step.

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For more information about the Residential Traffic Management program, visit the Residential Traffic Management website. For questions, send an email or call 703-737-8624.