Shared Mobility Devices

Shared Mobility Devices Pilot Program

Loudoun County is conducting a Shared Mobility Devices Pilot (SMD) program to facilitate the operation and use of SMDs within the county and to evaluate their impact. This pilot program is currently available and will continue at least six months following the opening of Silver Line Metrorail stations in Loudoun County.

During the pilot program, the Department of Transportation and Capital Infrastructure (DTCI) will monitor SMD operations, operator performance and engage the public in developing regulatory recommendations for the Board of Supervisors to consider. Virginia law allows Loudoun County to establish guidelines and restrictions on the use of Shared Mobility Devices (SMD) within the county. For the purposes of this pilot program SMDs are defined as motorized skateboards and scooters (e-scooters), electric-assist bikes (e-bikes) and pedal bicycles for hire.

The pilot program:

  • Limits the number of SMDs to a maximum of 1,000 devices in the county.
  • Restricts the operation of SMDs to within the designated SMD Pilot Program service area, located within approximately three miles of Silver Line Metro stations. View the SMD Pilot Program Map.

The county began in 2020 accepting permit applications from SMD operator companies to take part in the pilot program. To date, no permit applications have been received.

Any person seeking to operate a SMD program within the county shall first obtain an operating permit. No company shall operate a shared mobility program within Loudoun County without an operating permit.  

How to Apply for an Operating Permit

  1. Review the SMD Pilot Program Map.
  2. Download, print and complete the Agreement for Operation of Shared Mobility Devices (PDF)
  3. Download, print and complete the SMD Pilot Program Permit Application (PDF)
    Note: A separate SMD Pilot Program Permit Application is required for each device type (motorized skateboards, e-scooters, e-bikes or pedal bicycles) for a maximum of 250 devices per permit. Operators may hold a maximum of two permits.  
  4. Make a copy of the permit eligibility documentation:
    • Virginia Business Registration
    • Virginia Certificate of Good Standing
    • Loudoun County Business Professional Occupational License
    • If this is your first time establishing a business in Loudoun County, you are also required to provide a reporting of annual business personal property tax, or short-term rental property tax.
      Note: SMDs qualify as short-term rental property if the operator's application is approved under the Code of Virginia, Title 58.1, Chapter 35, Article 3.1. Short Term Rental Property. Short-term rental property is treated as a separate class of merchants capital and is exempted from business personal property tax; however, the operator is  required to collect a 1% tax on each rental, to be submitted to the county.
  5. Mail or deliver the completed Agreement for Operation of Shared Mobility Devices (PDF), the SMD Pilot Program Permit Application (PDF), the permit eligibility documentation and payment for fees to the Department of Transportation and Capital Infrastructure (DTCI) at 101 Blue Seal Drive, Suite 102, Leesburg, VA 20177. Applications received by email or fax will not be processed.