Metrorail Stations in Loudoun County

The following Silver Line Metrorail Stations in Loudoun County opened November 15, 2022:

Getting to Metrorail Stations

Metrorail passengers are able to access the Loudoun Silver Line Metrorail stations in several ways, including by bus or car as follows:

  • Transit Service: Loudoun County Transit has begun to phase-in all new Silver Line Bus Service. Twenty-one new Silver Line bus routes provide weekday service to and from 156 convenient local stops, including Loudoun County Park and Ride Lots and Silver Line Metrorail Stations.
  • Metrorail Parking Garages: Loudoun County was responsible for the construction of three garages to serve two Metrorail stations - one at the Loudoun Gateway Metrorail Station and two at the Ashburn Station Metrorail Station. More information is provided at Metrorail Parking Garages in Loudoun County.

Virtual Station Tours

Watch this video tour and see what awaits you at the Ashburn Metrorail Station.

Click to View WMATA's Metrorail System Map

Metro silver-line-stations map 6.22

Watch this video in Spanish on YouTube here.

Tours of the Dulles Airport Metrorail Station and Loudoun Gateway Metrorail Station are also available on You Tube.

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