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Loudoun County Transit Survey
Community Input on Transit Service
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Thanks to all who participated in Loudoun County's annual effort in early 2017 to obtain input from members of the public about the county’s bus routes and transit services. In addition to an online survey, county transit staff and the Transit Advisory Board held several community meetings to seek suggestions specifically for new or modified bus routes and enhanced services. The information sessions provided an opportunity to learn more about the county’s existing bus network and a formal process for soliciting and receiving feedback from the community regarding transit routes and services.

More information about Loudoun County’s transit service is online at www.loudoun.gov/transit. Anyone with questions about the input process may email Loudoun Transit here or call 703-771-5665.  

What Happens to the Survey Results?
The information collected from the public will be analyzed along with a broad range of factors — including ridership and available funding — to develop plans for future transit services. As part of the county’s annual budget process, the Board of Supervisors will consider recommendations for changes to bus routes and services based on the community input and staff analysis. Any changes to bus routes approved by the Board will be announced prior to taking effect on July 1 each year. The current input sessions will inform bus services that begin July 1, 2018.

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